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Below is a directory of our products listed by their name.

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A - C

A-Mulsion Anti Viral Herbal Extract Anxiety Balance Boswellia Celery Seed Extract Children's DHA Cholacol I Cholacol II Cimicifuga racemosa Classical Formulas in the Western Herbal Tradition Clinical Nutrients for Diabetes Cranberry Cilantro Clinical Nutrients Eye Formula Clinical Nutrients for Men Composition Powder Cough Drops

D - F

Deproloft Dr. Carol's C Caps Dr. Carol's Liver Formula Drenatrophin EC Matrix Elderberry Red Root Throat Spray Estroflash Frankincense & Myrhh Poultice

G - I

Gentian Bitters Gentian Bitters Ginger Caps Glycine Cimicifuga Gu Formula Happiness Support Hawthorn/Viscum Album Healing in the Christian Spiritual Tradition Healthy Breast I Comp ITI Man

J - L

Joint Flex Kids Compound Herbal Biotic Kids Elderberry Throat Spray Kid Herbal Cough Elixir Kids Neutralizing Cordial Lycopene

M - O

MegaFlavonoid Melatonin 3 Melatonin 5 Multigenics Chewable Orange Flavor Multiplex-1 (without iron) Mycetoblend Nasya Oil Neem Oil Nerve Support Nervine Caps Neutralizing Cordial Nordic Berries Nordic Fishies Nr. 8 Hepatik Nr. 10 Matrigen I Nr. 11 Matrigen II Nr. 16 Renalin Nr. 18 Splenetik Nr. 22 Strumatik NutriVitamin Enzyme Complex (without Iron) Oculotrophin PMG Optique Original 7 Mushroom Blend Osage Orange

P - R

Pancreas Pharma Gaba Pituitary Plus ProDHA Eye Prostate Health Protozyme Renafood Renatrophin Robert's Formula

S - U

Serenoa Serrulata/Saw Palmetto SinuPro6 Sinus Formula Sinusin Sinusin Nasal Spray Spezies Grippales Spleen PMG St. John's Wort Stop Smoking Symplex F Symplex M TestoJack Testralin Thymus Thyroid Plus Thytrophin Traumeel Gel Trifolium Compound Turmeric Urinary Defense

V - Z

Valerian Virility Plus Vitamin C Vitamin D3 1000 IU Weight Control Women’s Formula (without iron) Women's Menocaps Zeel Ointment

0 - 9

3 Bows 5 Hydroxy Gaba 5 Hydroxy Tryptophan 10 Flavor Tonic 42 Caps 50 Caps