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Class Content

Herb Indentification Walk Each series of classes consist of six modules:

  • Botanical Medicine/Single Herbs
  • Herb Pairs/Drug Interaction
  • Plant Identification/Herb Walk
  • Herbal Therapeutics
  • Herbal Medicine Making
  • Herbal Formulas and Modifications

Each series will contain different material. For a complete course listings per session, please see the information listed below on each session's material:

Please refer to our upcoming classes page for the dates and times for the current classes being offered.

Prospective Students

The classes offered by the Botanical Medicine Institute (BMI) are well-suited for students wishing to learn beginning and intermediate herbal studies. The classes are appropriate for both students who wish to learn basic information about herbs and herbal medicine making to maintain their own wellness as well as students who wish to begin a career in herbalism.

Upon completion of our Botanical Medicine Certificate Program, students may elect to pursue advanced educational opportunities in the professional herbalist apprenticeship program at BMI. Please contact us for more information on apprenticeship opportunities.