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Certificate & Diploma Program Structure

Herbal Medicine Making The Botanical Medicine Institute certificate program draws mainly from Western botanical medicine, but also examines the expanding pharmacopeia of global herbal medicine traditions, including tracks concentrating on Asian herbal medicine studies such as Ayurveda and Chinese herbal medicine.

BMI offers uniquely structured one-year and two-year certificate programs of class work, apprenticeships, and a diploma program that allows students to begin their studies at any point in the yearly class cycle. The yearly cycle consists of Fall, Winter, and Spring series.

Each series consists of six classes: Botanical Medicine/Single Herbs; Herb Pairs/Drug Interactions; Plant Identification/Herb Walk; Herbal Therapeutics; Herbal Medicine Making; and Herbal Formulas and Modifications. Each series contains different class material. All classes, except the herb walk, are held at 55 Sully's Trail in Pittsford starting at 6:30 pm. The herb identification walk is held on a Saturday with Dr. Moore and herbalists.

Because the series are non-sequential, students may elect to start the certificate program at any time in any of the three series offered. The one-year certificate will be completed when they have taken all classes in all three series. The two-year certificate program consists of the completion of six series.

Students interested in more in-depth studies or a career related to herbal medicine, may want to participate in the Diploma of Botanical Medicine program. The diploma program, which includes an apprenticeship, is available to students who have completed two years of the certificate program, or advanced students from other programs.

Students may also elect to take single classes as opposed to the entire year program, with no experience or training needed to take the classes.